I love Pinterest. I found this idea for an owl costume a few weeks ago, and I knew I needed to convince Mia to be an owl for Halloween instead of a princess. I figure she’ll continue to want to be a princess from now to eternity, so I didn’t feel too guilty talking her out of her princess aspirations. 🙂 I’m so glad I did because she won “Best Costume” in the kid’s division at our church Halloween party!

I admit that I am not much of a crafter, although, through practice and the patient tutelage of some friends and family, I’ve been getting better. With that said, I don’t sew…quite frankly, sewing makes me angry. Therefore I do not own a sewing machine, so my trusty glue gun came to the rescue for this project.

Don’t miss out on this Garden Gnome Costume for another fun DIY costume. 

A little girl in a DIY pink owl costume
Mia, my cute lil’ owl!


side view of a girl in a DIY owl costume
Showing off the side view.


The backside of a girl in a DIY owl costume
The back view.

How To Make a Homemade Owl Costume

Items Used:

1 yard cream felt

1/4 yard camel felt

1/4 yard felt light pink felt

1/4 yard dark pink felt

1 1/2 yards ribbon (for the tie on the cape)

2 buttons for the eyes on the hat

glue gun & glue sticks

Pink leggings from Carter’s

Light pink turtleneck from Walmart

Uggs from Last Chance Nordstrom Rack in Phoenix (can you believe they were only $15?!?)

My mom. 🙂


process shot for making DIY owl costume
Cutting out the feathers. They’re about 3 inches in length. We used 4 different colors of felt and cut out 36 feathers of each color.

process shot of gluing the leaves for a DIY owl costume
Laying the “feather” rows on the cape.

Grandma gluing the leaves for the DIY owl costume
My mom laying the “feather” rows.

process shot for assembling the feathers of a DIY owl costume
The finished cape.

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  1. I love it! She is the cutest little owl! I will have to pin this to remember to “encourage” Hazel to be an owl! Good job!

  2. malena shapiro says:

    I love it!! She is the cutest and you are super creative 🙂

  3. That is sooo cute! Great job on the costume!

    1. Thanks, Monika! My mom helped me out a ton on it. She basically put the cape together and I did the hat.

  4. I think this costume is so cute. You and your mom did a great job.

  5. Oh Jillian, this is adorable! Miss Mia is just precious in the homemade costume!

  6. Kate Walz says:

    This is such an adorable costume! I have a toddler who I’d like to make this for. I don’t like sewing either :). For the cape, was it just a square shape or did you make a scoop neck? And were the ribbons simply glued on too? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Kate,
      The cape is just a square without a scoop neck, looking back I wish I would have made a scoop neck because every once and a while it slipped off of her shoulders and I had to re-tie it. The ribbons were just simply glued on. Nothing was sewn. Good luck and I’m sure your little one will look adorable! 🙂