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Today, I am thrilled to share with you my new favorite place to shop for filling my refrigerator, freezer, and pantry without breaking the bank: ALDI! Here you’ll find everything you need for navigating your first trip to ALDI in this Shopping at ALDI: a Beginner’s Guide post!

Recently, ALDI opened its doors in Southern California (find the nearest location here), and I cannot be more thrilled about it! I haven’t shopped at ALDI since we lived in Virginia over 3 years ago and I have missed it terribly! Lucky for me a new ALDI store opened up right around the corner. ALDI has helped me stock my refrigerator, freezer, and pantry again without breaking the bank!

To help all of my California friends out there that might be new to ALDI, I compiled a couple of helpful lists.

Why I love shopping at ALDI:

  1. Budget shopping at its finest! The prices are insane. Like jaw-dropping insane. Like people walking around the store just to gawk at the prices insane. On a recent trip I met a man who was there just to gawk at prices. His wife had just come home from her very first ALDI shopping trip and he wanted to see the amazing prices for himself! This man was most impressed with the organic produce prices. And honestly I was, too. I cannot remember the last time I saw organic strawberries for this price. Milk Prices at ALDI
  2. Seasonal items. ALDI rotates some of its selection of food and household products regularly. This way they can make way for seasonal items. For instance, right now they have a nice selection of Father’s Day gift ideas and outdoor summer fun items. They also have a nice selection of barbecue favorites; everything from meat, buns, sauces, and sides. Basically, you can get your Father’s Day grocery and gift shopping done in one place! Seasonal Home Items at ALDI
  3. Award winning products. They have quite a few ALDI-exclusive products that have won national recognition. From the liveGfree® line of gluten free items (their liveGfree® Gluten Free Pretzel Minis, liveGfree® Gluten Free Brownie Mix, and liveGfree® Gluten Free Plain Wraps are a MUST-TRY) to parent approved snacks like Happy Farms String Cheese, Nature’s Nectar 100% Apple Juice, and Benton’s Mini Bear Grahams Snack Packs .
  4. Fresh food without the added junk. ALDI prides itself in fresh, affordable food. And when I say fresh, I mean fresh because everything is fresh! Everything from their produce and meats to their organic products and better-for-you brands like their SimplyNature® PLUS ALDI products are completely free from MSG, certified synthetic colors, and trans fats.  Meat at ALDI

ALDI Shopping Tips:

  1. Don’t forget a quarter! ALDI has done a few things to keep overhead low and pass those savings onto its customers. Like their shopping carts. ALDI keeps all of their carts outside the entrance of the store. They’re all connected, and to release a cart you insert a quarter into the slot. When you return your cart you get your quarter back! I also love this system because you don’t need to worry about abandoned shopping carts dinging your car in the parking lot!  ALDI Shopping Cart
  2. Don’t just stick to your shopping list. Part of the fun of ALDI is trying new products and seeing what seasonal items they have in stock. I always leave some room in my cart for such items. This is one of my kid’s favorite things (besides putting the quarter in the cart!). I usually let them have their pick of a couple food items we haven’t tried yet.  Shopping with Kids at ALDI
  3. Become an ALDI insider. Sign up for ALDI weekly emails on their website and you’ll have deals on seasonal and holiday items, meat, produce, pantry, frozen, and refrigerated items delivered to your inbox. I like to use these weekly emails as a jumping off point for my shopping list.  ALDI Shopping List
  4. Bags: bring ‘em or buy ‘em! Plan on bringing your own bags when you shop at ALDI. This is another way they keep costs down, plus it helps you be a little greener by reusing bags you already have! If you forget your bags, don’t fret. ALDI has reusable bags and grocery sacks available at checkout. They also have freezer bags available to purchase to keep cold items chilled on your trip home.  Checkout Area at ALDI

As part of my partnership with ALDI they sent me a box full of some of their non-perishable ingredients to get me cooking! The box was full of pantry staples that I shop for on a regular basis like Stonemill Essentials spices, California Olive Ranch Olive Oil, SimplyNature® Organic Vegetable Broth, SimplyNature® Organic Asian Ginger Dressing, Stonemill Essentials Iodized Salt, SimplyNature® Organic Quinoa, a variety of SimplyNature® canned beans, L.R. Rice Raw & Unfiltered Local Southern California Honey, Southern Grove Chia Seeds, Southern Grove Chopped Walnuts, liveGfree® Gluten Free Multiseed Crackers, SimplyNature® Squeezable Fruit Blends (my kid’s favorite), Choceur Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts, SimplyNature® Organic 100% Apple Juice, and more! Basically ALDI filled my pantry!

ALDI Delivery products

Along with these ingredients they sent me four ALDI Craves recipe cards directly from their Test Kitchen! Since my ALDI delivery I’ve enjoyed making these four recipes including: Garden Bean Salad (recipe coming to the blog soon!), Quinoa Lentil Tacos, Blueberry Chia Pudding, and Lemon Fruit Bruschetta!

In my next ALDI post I will be sharing how I took these delicious ingredients from ALDI…

Garden Bean Salad Ingredients

And made this fresh Garden Bean Salad recipe that ALDI provided to me. All you need to know is that it is a must-make for summer! It’s perfect as a barbeque side dish, lunch, or even hearty enough for dinner! Plus it will only cost you about $1.12 a serving!

Recipe to Come Bean Salad

For more find ALDI here:


Here you’ll find everything you need for navigating your first trip to ALDI in this Shopping at ALDI: a Beginner’s Guide post!

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  1. Di Hickman says:

    I have to say that when I first saw this post I got excited because I thought another blogger was living in my city.. we just had an Aldi open here last week! I haven’t been yet… but it’s on my to-do list!

    1. Di, you totally need to check out ALDI! Let me know how you like it!

  2. Terri Steffes says:

    I love Aldi’s! I shop there regularly. My favorites are the chia seeds, almond milk, almonds, and I love their bread selection. I could go on and on!

    1. I love their chia seeds, too. I haven’t tried their almond milk, but I will now!

  3. Rebecca Bryant says:

    We don’t have an Aldi were i live but it looks like a fabulous place to shop. I lvoe the cart and quarter idea.

    1. ALDI is a great place to shop. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

      1. Toughcookiemommy says:

        I’ve never shopped there but have always heard some great things about their prices. Maybe I will convince my mom to start shopping there for a change.

        1. You should give it a try, I think you’ll like ALDI!

  4. Reesa Lewandowski says:

    I could go on and on about why I love shopping at Aldi. Between the prices, the fresh meat and product and the atmosphere of the store, it’s my favorite place to shop for my family!

    1. Me, too Reesa! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  5. LauraOinAK says:

    We are HUGE fans of Aldi’s and visit them when we are back in the ‘lower 48’. I was able to really stretch my budget when I had one near us in Maryland. My boys sometimes fought over who could put the quarter in to release the cart.

    1. My kids love putting the quarter in the cart, too!

  6. christina aliperti says:

    These are great tips for newbies! I love Aldi now that I see how much money I can save on fresh food!

    1. It’s fabulous, I think their deals are unmatched!

  7. We don’t have an aldi where I live now and it makes me so sad! My kids love paying for the cart, they think it is so funny!

    1. Debra, hopefully an ALDI will be coming to your neighborhood soon!

  8. Hofterzielbeek says:

    ALDI is a great place to shop especially for buying fresh meat. Affordable prices, fresh products, friendly atmosphere is what makes me love shopping at ALDI 🙂

  9. Beats shopping at Pic N Sav! Looks like you have a lot of fresher veggies too! #livehealthy

    1. Their produce is great, and they have a ton of organic produce, too!

  10. Dawn McAlexander says:

    I have only been to ALDI one time, but I loved it. I can’t wait to go back there. You can really get some food there for cheap. They are great for people on a budget.

    1. Their prices are fabulous! Thanks for stopping by, Dawn!

  11. Megan McCoig says:

    I love a good aldi shop. Especially for the fruit and veg section!

  12. CourtneyLynne says:

    I love Aldis!!!! I use to be the biggest Aldis hater because I always assumed it was all junk food. About two years ago I had a friends tell me otherwise and yeah… I’ve been hooked ever since

    1. I’m so glad you’re an ALDI lover now!

  13. I have always heard good things about ALDI, but I’ve never actually BEEN there! I actually really like that they keep carts from being abandoned in the parking lot — more places should do something similar, in my opinion.

    1. I agree Becca. It not only helps keep the parking lot tidy, but there’s less of a chance of cars getting dinged by rouge shopping carts!

  14. Ana De- Jesus says:

    I love Aldi we use it all the time because its cheap and thy have a great range of veggie food which is a plus for me. I like that they keep the parking lot tidy!