When planning your visit to Temple Mount, please consider these 4 Things you need to Know before visiting Dome on the Rock.
When planning your visit to Temple Mount, please consider these 4 Things you need to Know before visiting Dome on the Rock.
Dome of the Rock, the shrine on Temple Mount, dominates the Jerusalem skyline from every angle.  Not only does this beacon of reflected light draw the eye, but its sacred holiness to no less than 3 of the world’s major religions makes it a must-see stop on the tour. It is believed that this is the site where Abraham prepared to sacrifice Isaac, where the Prophet Muhammed ascended to heaven, and where, in the Judaic tradition, the world was created wand where it will end. Pretty serious place! Be warned though, actually getting to tour the Temple Mount compound takes a little planning. Called one of the most contested pieces of land in history, there are several things you should know before visiting.

4 Things you need to Know before visiting Dome on the Rock:

Dome on the Rock
  1. Non-Muslims can only enter the Temple Mount compound from the Moroccan Gate (also known as the Mugrabi Gate or Bab al-Magharibeh) which is located near the Western Wall Plaza. You will, however, be allowed to leave from any of the 10 other gates opening to the Old City of Jerusalem.
  2. Temple Mount is only open to non-Muslims for four hours each day– 3 hours in the morning and 1 hour after lunch. The exact times change during Summer and Winter, so double-check before you go.  These tight windows (especially in the afternoon) coupled with the tight security make for extra long queues.  Plan on getting there at least an hour early to secure your place. If you are not through security when the visiting window closes, you will not be let in… no matter how long you waited.  Make sure to have plenty of water and sunscreen to help with the intense Israel sunshine. Going first thing in the morning is the best way to beat the heat, not to mention having a chance to catch the inspirational sight of the sun’s first rays striking the Dome.
  3. Security checks are (at least) airport-style in their thoroughness, complete with metal detectors and intense scrutiny of passport documents and anything that might be considered a weapon.  Sacred Jewish objects are not allowed in the Temple. Also, your clothing will be assessed for suitability to enter what is one of the most religious sites in the world. There will continue to be a constant security presence throughout your visit.
  4. Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter the Dome of the Rock. Don’t even try. Also, Non-Muslims are banned from praying while visiting Temple Mount. In other words, unlike visiting the Western Wall, plan on observing Temple Mount silently and respectfully.
Other than that, enjoy the architecture, mosaics, caligraphy, and holy atmosphere of the Dome on the Rock compound!

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  1. Johannes Stark says:

    This got really tight. Back in July 1995, I entered the Dome of Thhe Rock, the AlAksa (Omar) Mosque and the little museum for an admission fee of 50 NIS. Security was performed by Israeli army and then again by PA personnel. After I visited everything and walked around a bit, I sat down on the steps of the Dome of the Rock and read my Bible… Nobody bothered about it.